Reiki Treatments

You will receive Reiki energy through hands placed on your body -fully clothed and totally relaxed on a massage table. You will experience something you have never felt before; as your energy balance is corrected and your body and mind go into a deep meditative state.  See the video of Dr. J on Reiki and alternative healings:


What others say about Reiki

Click here to read about what just some of our patients have experienced. Take the opportunity to ask any questions that you might have by clicking questions above. All treatments and questions are treated with the upmost confidentiality, your privacy is our priority.

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Genuine Wellness Clinics

Experience Reiki and learn about how it has changed peoples lives, just one treatment will be an incredible experience.  What if you want to learn how to become a Reiki practitioner or even a Reiki Master. Here is the place, click on events to see when our next workshop and and/or training is scheduled.

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Since 1993

Reiki is about you

Reiki is an ancient practice of healing which provides life-force energy to balance your mind-body-spirit. It can benefit those that are critically unwell and out of balance and those that are just feeling tired or maybe slightly depressed.

It's really worth a try and we have locations here in Dallas to help get your balance and full health back.


What Next...

So if you have all your questions answered its time to setup a treatment, your going to love it and be sure to spread a good word on your experiences with your Reiki treatments. Your feedback gives us more energy to help others.