What is Reiki Healing Energy?

Reiki is ‘Universal Life Force Energy’ that comes through a Reiki practitioner attuned to the Reiki energy.  The Reiki healing energy flows through the Reiki practitioner and to the person they are sending Reiki. Everything is energy, and Reiki energy is directed to heal.  All Chinese and Japanese medicine is based on the flow of Qi or life-force energy through the body.  When there are blocks due to emotional trauma or stuffed emotions, stress, injuries, or too many toxins in the body there is illness or dis-ease.

How does the Reiki energy work?

Essentially, the Reiki energy goes to help the innate wisdom of the body to heal.  The energy heals at a cellular and atomic level. It literally changes things by breaking up stagnant energy, adding in positive energy if needed, and creating space for healing to take place.

What is the difference between Reiki healing energy and other types of energy work?

Dr. Usui ‘discovered’ the Reiki energy and put a name to it in Japan in 1904. We use ‘discovered’ in parenthesis because it is believed the healing practice has been around as long as 5,000 years.  We owe it to Dr. Usui for creating a specific modality and allowing people to pass down the ability to provide Reiki treatments from one-on-one training from one Reiki Master to another.

Although other forms of energy work are spiritually-directed as well, Reiki healing energy contains a number of Asian symbols that each have their own energy. These symbols can be used for specific purposes, such as to heal karma, to strengthen relationships or to quiet a person’s mind.

What can I use Reiki healing energy for?

Reiki enhances wellness, promotes relaxation, and induces the natural ability to heal at all the levels of ~ mind~ body ~ spirit.  

People can transmit and send Reiki healing energy once they are attuned to it. An attunement is the process by which a Reiki master passes down the ability to send Reiki energy to a student. Once the Reiki student receives the attunement, he or she can then get to work using the Reiki healing energy.

There are different levels of Reiki. Though each Reiki master has the discretion how they want to organize their classes or attunements, they are generally broken down into Reiki I, Reiki II, and a Reiki Master Level attunement.

Can healing Reiki energy create harm?

No.  Reiki healing energy always works for the highest good and an individual’s optimal wellness. Now, you may not feel that Reiki is working for your highest good if you cry when receiving it or feel bad, but that is simply the body releasing and healing.  Crying is a release, and the Reiki has allowed for the negative energy to flow out of your body.

What color is associated with Reiki healing energy?

Reiki is often associated with purple energy, which is also the color of the Divine and Spirit.